Math Speed Racing Prime Composite

Math Speed Racing Prime Composite icon

Get fuel by hitting the gas can that has a prime or composite number on it based on your racecar's letter: P for prime or C for Composite. See how far you can go before you crash or run out of gas!

Numbers and Cannons Prime Composite

Numbers and Cannons Prime Composite icon

Shoot the cannon at the barrels based on if their numbers are prime or composite.

MathPup Hook Prime Composite

MathPup Hook Prime Composite icon

Swing and bounce MathPup to the correct prime number or composite number. There's no time limit in this game but once MathPup gets going you'll be busy!

Math Boxing Prime Composite

Math Boxing Prime Composite icon

Throw punches and kicks at the punching bag in this online prime/composite math game.

MathPup Copter Prime

MathPup Copter Prime icon

Safely fly by girders with prime numbers on them in this fun math game. See how high you can get MathPup without crashing.

MathPup Fishing Prime

MathPup Fishing Prime icon

Mathpup is trying out his fishing and math skills to catch some prime number fish. Help MathPup by catching prime numbered fish that are within the given range. No time limit as fishing is supposed to be relaxing!

Meteor Defense 2

Meteor Defense 2 icon

Save your cities by blasting meteors out of the sky using your math skills. 3 modes to choose from: Even/Odd numbers, Rounding numbers or Prime numbers.

Save the Jewel

Save the Jewel icon

Choose the jewel mode: prime/composite numbers or even/odd numbers. Then remove obstacles to get the numbered jewel in the correct box.

Save the Primes

Save the Primes icon

Save the prime number by removing objects so that the composite number falls off the screen and the prime number remains.

Flappy MathBird Prime

Flappy MathBird Prime icon

Help Flappy MathBird reach the end of the levels by keeping him flying. MathBird will need to pick up prime numbers for energy while avoiding composite numbers which drain MathBird's energy.

Math Slicer Prime

Math Slicer Prime icon

Slice up the prime numbered balls. Don't slice composite numbers or the bomb!

MathPup Treasure Hunt

MathPup Treasure Hunt icon

Choose to practice counting, number order, finding factors or finding prime and composite numbers.

Which One Prime/Composite

MathPup Treasure Hunt icon

Find prime numbers and composite numbers. Read the question and pick the correct answer. You can also listen to the question spoken out loud. No time limit in this game although you'll get more points if you answer quickly.