Fish Gate Counting

Fish Gate Counting icon

Each side of the gate needs a certain amount of fish.  Move the gate up and down to allow the right amount of fish to get through to the other side.

MathPup Treasure Hunt

MathPup Treasure Hunt icon

Count how many of each type of fish is displayed and then have MathPup open the treasure chests containing those counts as well as the chest containing the total amount of fish.  And watch out for the shark!

MathPup Hop Counting

MathPup Hop Counting icon

Find the group with the right number of pups to get the dogbone from them for MathPup.  No time limit in this game but you'll need to keep MathPup away from the monster.

How Many Left & Right

How Many Left & Right icon

Count how many animals are facing left and how many animals are facing right on each level. No time limit in this game so you can take your time.

Number Jump

Number Jump icon

A very basic and simple beginner counting game with voice number count.  No time limit and you get to choose to play counting from 1-20, 1-50 or 1-100.

MathPup Truck Counting

MathPup Truck Counting icon

Help MathPup get the right amount of apples and bones in his truck and get them safely to his home. No time limit in this game so take your time and drive safely!

Count Fingers

Count Fingers icon

Count how many fingers are held up on all of the hands and don't forget to count the thumbs.  Once you count them all just click that number (0-9) to see if your answer is correct.

Count Cars 10

Count Cars 10 icon

Simple to play.  Just count how many cars pass by on the screen, select your answer and check it.  You just need to be able to count to 10 in this version of Count Cars as the maximum number of cars that pass by is 10.

Koala Karts Counting

Koala Karts Counting icon

Count the blue circles (1-10) as quickly as you can to give your kart a speed boost in this fun multiplayer game. Choose to play against a friend, a computer player or in a public game against another player.

Jumping Chicks Counting

Jumping Chicks Counting icon

Jump to the group of lilypads containing the given number of lilypads. See if you can reach the finish line first. Choose to play against a friend, a computer player or in a public game against another player.

How Many

How Many icon

Just count how many objects are in an image and click on that number.  Correct answers are displayed when any errors are made and a running total of correct and incorrect answers is kept.

Cool Math Counting

Cool Math Counting icon

MathPup is in a snowmobile tug of war.  Count the number of snowballs there are to give MathPup's snowmobile tugging power.  Clear the level by getting MathPup's snowmobile across the finish line.

Food Count

Food Count icon

Count how many of the requested food items are on the table.  As you progress in the game more and more items will be on the table.  This game is untimed.

Guess How Many

Guess How Many icon

Count how many animals are shown.  Starting out you have quite a bit of time but as you progress there is less time on the timer.

Math Gate

Math Gate icon

Slide the gate up and down to get the correct number of bubbles on each side of the gate. Get all of the number bubbles to the correct side before time runs out to complete the level.


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