Fireboy And Watergirl 6

Fireboy And Watergirl 6 icon

The 6th adventure for Fireboy and Watergirl. Explore and solve the puzzles in a new temple with the help of fairies. Below the game are the links to the previous 5 Fireboy and Watergirl games.

Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D icon

A meteor shower has covered up your home. Hire and manage workers to uncover it.

My Dolphin Show 6

My Dolphin Show 6 icon

Keep the crowd entertained so that they don't leave and wreck your earnings in this 6th My Dolphin Game. Lots of upgrades to help you keep the crowd wowed!

Pole Vault 3D

Pole Vault 3D icon

Jump and pole vault your way to the end of each level. Beat the other contestants to the finish line to get more coins to buy other characters and poles.

Wings Rush 2

Wings Rush 2 game icon

Wings the bird and his friends are back in this sequel to the original Wings game. Dash, jump and spin your way across environments while collecting as many rings as you can with the Sonic-like Wings.

Block Champ

Block Champ game icon

Drop shapes on the board to fill up rows and columns to make them disappear. Be careful as the special tiles can help you or make the going rough.


Jumpero game icon

You can crash through the walls in this game but you won't win the race that way. Time you jumps and set their size properly instead to beat the other contestants.


Dust game icon

Be the vacuum cleaner and clean everything up! Grow larger by sucking everything up that you can including smaller opponents. But be careful as larger vacuum cleaners are on the prowl.

Pinball Clash

Pinball Clash game icon

Play pinball against the AI or a human opponent on 12 different tables. Classic pinball action with bumpers, ramps, spinners and more.

MathPup Story

MathPup Story game icon

MathPup is done with math for the day but isn't done with thinking as there's no easy way for MathPup to get to the dog bones in each level. Help MathPup get the dog bone on each level by pushing and pulling boxes.

Blocks Fill Tangram

Blocks Fill Tangram game icon

Fill up the grid with the given shapes in this colorful and addictive tangram game. 12 difficulty levels with 80 puzzles per difficulty plus daily puzzles.

Idle Arks: Sail and Build

Idle Arks: Sail and Build game icon

Build out your ship and set sail in this casual play idle game. Gather resources and get as many helpers as you can so that you can set sail and go on to build even larger ships.

Dr. Panda School

Dr. Panda School game icon

Join Dr. Panda and his friends on their first day of school. Discover all of the different rooms at the school and interact with the various objects in this playful role playing adventure.

Arkadium's Codeword

Arkadium's Codeword game icon

Crack the code by filling in the letters to make all of the words on the grid. To help you get started, a few letters are revealed before the game starts and if you get stuck you can always use the Hint button.

Dynamons 2

Dynamons 2 game icon

Play the sequel to the popular Dynamons RPG game. Train and win battles to catch other animals to add to your team.


OvO game icon

Complete all 50 levels in this unique platformer by jumping, sliding, dodging, climbing, and using every movement you can. You'll need to be on the lookout for Fire Rockets, Moving Traps, Teleportation Portals and all kinds of contraptions.

Drift Cup Racing

Drift Cup Racing game icon

There's no brake or accelerator in this game as you just need to drift through the turns in this unique racing game.

Blocks Sliding Tetriz

Blocks Sliding Tetriz game icon

A Tetris-like game where you slide blocks rather than place them to fill up horizontal rows. No time limit in this casual play game and you can choose to play in Normal or Hard mode.

Paper Flight 2

Shadoworld Adventure icon

More challenges in this sequel to the original Paper Flight game. Get upgrades to help you fly as far as you can. Click the link on the page to play the original Paper Flight game.

Wings Rush

Wings Rush icon

Get running in this Sonic-like running platform game. Roll, jump, flap and fly as far as you can collecting rings along the way to unlock new characters.

Jelly Party

Jelly Party icon

Get the colored jelly orbs to their correct spot in this challenging puzzle game. 25 challenging levels to complete without any time limit.

Shadoworld Adventure

Shadoworld Adventure icon

A fun retro platform game. Your character, a brave creature of the shadows, must cross the dark valley and defeat the enemies. Find the key to open the portal at the end of each of the 50 levels.

Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift icon

Your car drifts like mad making dodging obstacles more difficult. Get through all of the checkpoints as quickly as you can to beat your best time on each level.

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain icon

A Qbert-like game with an endless mountain to get down. Lots of unique power-ups and coins to collect while avoiding the various dangerous objects. 300 missions to complete!

Shaun The Sheep Flock Together

Shaun The Sheep Flock Together icon

Herd the flock to safety by matching the color of their leotards. Drop the flock of sheep carefully so that they don't stack higher than the bunting. Complete each level by stacking as many sheep as you can.

Ramp Crash

Ramp Crash icon

You'll crash your car in this game which is okay as long as you can get across the finish line. Upgrade your car and avoid dangers in this fun driving game.

Vehicle Traffic Simulator

Vehicle Traffic Simulator icon

Start and stop cars to prevent crashes at the intersection and railroad tracks. Keep an eye on the railroad crossing warning lights as when they start flashing a train is on the way.

Square Pixel Slime

Square Pixel Slime icon

A fun and unusual platform game with some very challenging levels. The levels wouldn't be so hard if the perspective didn't keep changing!

Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo icon

Drive your truck over some difficult roads to reach your destination. Try to get 3 stars by not losing too much cargo. Lose too much and you'll have to restart the level.

Pet Runner

Pet Runner icon

Talking Tom is on the run. Collect coins while avoiding obstacles and the guy trying to catch him in this fun running game. Don't forget to use the skateboard!

Pac Xon

Pac Xon icon

Fill up 80% of the board in each level in this Pacman themed Qix/Xonix-like game. Lots of power-ups to help you handle the ghosts. No time limit in this game but you'll stay busy trying to complete each level.

Crocword Crossword Puzzle

Crocword Crossword Puzzle icon

Solve the word puzzles by building words with the given letters. You'll earn coins for completing levels and the coins can be used for hints when you get stuck. No time limit in this game.

My Dolphin Show 5

My Dolphin Show 5 icon

More dolphin show fun in this sequel to the popular Dolphin Show series. Keep the crowd happy by performing stunts. Links to the other My Dolphin Show games are on the game page.

Block Wood Puzzle

Block Wood Puzzle icon

Try to complete rows and columns by dropping the wooden block shapes on the board. Keep playing until you can't fit any pieces on the gameboard.

Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel icon

Avoid obstacles while running through the fantastic looking tunnel at blazing speeds. Shift your position to avoid obstacles. icon

Take control of your ship and gather crates to use for upgrades and new ships. Take out other ships and watch out for opponent torpedoes.

Traffic Command

Traffic Command icon

Control traffic to keep traffic flowing smoothly. That means no cars crashing and drivers not waiting too long at the stoplights.

Fireboy And Watergirl 5

Fireboy And Watergirl 5 icon

The 5th adventure for Fireboy and Watergirl. In this adventure Fireboy and Watergirl explore the Elemental Temple.

Arrow's Adventure

Arrow's Adventure icon

Defeat all of the monsters and get to the treasure chest so you can choose your upgrade. See how far you can get into the dungeon.

Blob Giant 3D

Blob Giant 3D icon

Make your giant blob even bigger by going through the matching color. That will help the giant go higher at the end of each run.

Motocross Hero

Motocross Hero icon

Race through the desert and over hills while avoiding cracks and potholes. You can eliminate opponents by hitting their motorcycle with your cycles back tire.

Football Heads

Football Heads icon

Play soccer using the big headed player. Use the fun and quirky power-ups to help you score points.

Bomb Prank

Bomb Prank icon

It's like a game of tag with time bombs! If you get tagged, you'll get the bomb. If that happens be sure and tag another player before it goes off.

Paper Flight

Paper Flight icon

See how far you can get your paper airplane to go. Get stars for upgrades and hit power-ups to enable longer flights.

Real Free Flight Simulator

Real Free Flight Simulator icon

Choose to play in Free Flight mode or in Play mode where you'll be given challenging flying tasks to complete.

Knight Amaze

Knight Amaze icon

Help the knight defeat all of the enemies on each level. Slide the knight but be careful not to let the knight go into the sea. Plenty of time to figure out how to complete each level as there isn't a time limit in this game.

Trials Ice Ride

Trials Ice Ride icon

Use fine throttle and balance control to get over and past all of the objects in each level in this motorcycle trials game. Complete each track in the shortest time to get higher points and unlock various achievements.

Penguin Diner 2

Penguin Diner 2 icon

Penny is back with her very own restaurant in this fun sequel. Play through 4 diners and get loads of fun upgrades in the shop.

Happy Glass Puzzles

Happy Glass Puzzles icon

Keep the water in the glass or fill it up depending on which mode you choose to play. Choose to play one of three modes: Don't Spill, Precise, and Flippy Glass.

Wild Push

Wild Push icon

The penguins are in a mad rush to get to the ocean. Find a way to the finish line before they accidentally push your player in the water.


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