Pumpkin Slide Reps

Pumpkin Slide Reps icon

Slice all of the pumpkins on each level while avoiding the skulls. Regular slicing game except for the fact that you only get one slice to draw. But that slice keeps on repeating so you'll need to keep that in mind. If you get stuck just click on the Video button on the main menu to see how to complete each level.


Ghost icon

Guide your ghost around the landscape absorbing energy blobs to grow more powerful. You can also absorb energy from weaker ghosts but watch out as the ghosts larger than your ghost will be trying to do the same to your ghost. Get power-ups to help you grow quicker and avoid enemies.

Halloween Tiles

Halloween Tiles icon

Clear the board of all of the tiles in this Halloween themed collapse game. Strategically delete tiles so matches are made when tiles fall. This will earn you Magic Pumpkins which can be used to destroy tiles when no matches are available.

Jewel Halloween

Jewel Halloween icon

Halloween themed match 3 game. Earn coins to increase your rank and open up all of the 300 levels. Lots of power-ups and ways to earn coins including a daily free spin.

Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft icon

Craft Halloween items until you craft the ultimate Halloween item.  Just drop like Halloween items next to each other.  3 like items next to each other will craft the next item in the recipe.

BuildAPic Halloween

BuildAPic Halloween icon

Plot the ordered pairs onto the coordinate grid to create the scary Halloween pictures. No time limit in this game and you can choose to plot the points in Quadrant I or all four quadrants.

Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween icon

Race to the finish line in this Halloween themed racing game.

Spooky TriPeaks

Spooky TriPeaks icon

An online Halloween solitaire variation with 100 levels and lots of bonus cards to help you complete each level.

Math Zombie Rodeo Games

Math Zombie Rodeo Games icon

Keep the zombie from falling to pieces by answering the math problems correctly in this collection of fun Halloween math games. Once he loses all of his body parts, it is game over!

Halloween Ghost Balls

Halloween Ghost Balls icon

Don't lose too many of the ghost balls before you get to the exit in this Halloween themed breakout parkour game.

Jack Runner

Jack Runner icon

Jack, the Halloween jack-o-Lantern, is on the run. See how far you can go in this Halloween infinite runner game.

Halloween Hidden Numbers

Halloween Hidden Numbers icon

Find the numbers 1 through 10 hidden in each of the 6 pictures. Challenging because you only have limited time to find all 10 numbers. Best to remember where the numbers you've found are for when you try again.

Catch That Cat

Catch That Cat icon

Find the matching identical Halloween cats in the windows that are constantly opening and closing. Find one in every location to complete each level.

Halloween Chess

Halloween Chess icon

Play against the computer in easy or hard mode in this Halloween themed chess game.

Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search icon

Find all of the hidden Halloween related words on each level.

Pumpkins Halloween

Pumpkins Halloween icon

Stop the spinning bone to create a path to the diamonds while avoiding the evil pumpkins. 100 levels to complete!

Zball 4 Halloween

Zball 4 Halloween icon

Get on your broom and ride. Well until you fall off the path that is. Time your turns to keep the witch from falling off.

Halloween Blocks

Halloween Blocks icon

Halloween Blocks is a Tetris like Halloween game. Make as many rows as you can to prevent blocks reaching the top.

VR Halloween Ride

VR Halloween Ride icon

Drive your car to the end of each spooky level. Watch out for some of the pumpkins as they will explode.

Happy Halloween 2

Happy Halloween 2 icon

A fun Halloween connect 3 game where you'll need to complete all of the requirements for each level within the given time and number of moves.

Halloween Jigsaw Deluxe

Halloween Jigsaw Deluxe icon

Put the Halloween jigsaw puzzles together. Four puzzles and two difficulty settings to choose from.

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins icon

More Halloween jigsaw puzzles to put together. Six puzzles with three difficulty settings.

Monster Mover

Monster Mover icon

Slide the rows and columns to make matches of 3 or more monsters of the same type. Each level has a time limit. See how many levels you can complete.

Halloween Idle World

Halloween Idle World icon

Build your Halloween world by upgrading items in this Halloween themed idle/clicker game.

Pixelkenstein Halloween

Pixelkenstein Halloween icon

Get Pixelkenstein to the end of each level in this Halloween platform game. Try and pick up all of the candy along the way.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween icon

Make the unhappy pumpkins happy by clicking on them to toggle their mood. Toggling a pumpkin will also toggle the mood of its neighbor. Use this in your strategy to clear the board of sad pumpkins.

Graphing Puzzle Halloween

Graphing Puzzle Halloween icon

A Halloween themed coordinate grid graphing game. Plot the given points on the coordinate grid to build the Halloween mystery picture. No time limit and unlimited tries in Casual mode.

Fastening Challenge

Fastening Challenge icon

Fasten two identical Halloween items to each other as they pass directly above and below each other.

Red And Green Pumpkin

Graphing Puzzle Halloween icon

A fun Halloween themed platform game. Play in one player mode or with a friend in co-op mode.

Pumpkin Rider

Pumpkin Rider icon

Avoid the deadly obstacles and get Pumpkinhead to the end of each level in this Halloween motorcycle racing game.

Blocks Puzzle Halloween

Blocks Puzzle Halloween icon

Drop the Halloween themed blocks onto the board to make complete lines vertically or horizontally. Place them carefully so that you don't run out of space.

Halloween Mahjong Deluxe

Halloween Mahjong Deluxe icon

A Halloween Mahjong game. 36 levels to challenging levels to complete. See if you can get all 3 stars on each of the levels.

Halloween Chain

Halloween Chain icon

Play this Zuma-like Halloween game.  Shoot the pumpkins to make matches of 3 or more similar pumpkins to make them disappear.  Remove all pumpkins in the chain before they go down the hole.

Halloween Night

Halloween Night icon

Help the witch keep flying by clearing a path through the pumpkins.  Get potions to give her broom extra powers!

Moto X3M Spooky Land

Moto X3M Spooky Land game icon

Moto X3M is at its spookiest in this great sequel located in Spooky Land! Race through wild and crazy levels to get stars so you can upgrade your motorcycle.

Halloween Hidden Pumpkins

Halloween Hidden Pumpkins icon

Find all 10 of the hidden pumpkins on each level.  Time is limited so you'll need to work fast.  But if you don't find all 10 just start over.

Halloween Shooter

Halloween Shooter game icon

A fun pumpkin shooting game where you need to match same types of pumpkins to prevent them from reaching the bottom.

Batty Math

Batty Math icon

Answer the simple math problems by using the letters in "BAT".  How to play?  Simple, just answer the questions knowing that "B" represents the Hundreds place, "A" the Tens place and "T" the Ones place.

Rise Up Halloween

Rise Up Halloween icon

Have your monster protect the Halloween balloon so it can rise high into the sky by knocking objects out of the way.  See how long it can last before it pops!

Flapcat Halloween

Flapcat Halloween icon

Keep Flapcat safe by tapping the screen so he can safely get through the gates.

Helix Jump Halloween

Helix Jump Halloween icon

Turn the tower to let the pumpkin fall through the hole on each floor.  Don't let it hit the yellow piece or it is game over.

Narrow Passage Halloween

Narrow Passage Halloween icon

All you need to do is tap the screen to jump, avoid obstacles and move forward.  But get through the obstacles as fast as you can as the walls are closing in.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 icon

A fun connect 3 game in which you'll need to connect 3 or more Halloween Heads.  You'll need to get the target number of certain type heads to complete each level.

Crazy Jump Halloween

Crazy Jump Halloween Game icon

Stay away from the ghosts while trying to jump up through as many platforms as you can.

Halloween Slide Puzzle 2

Halloween Slide Puzzle 2 Game icon

A Halloween slide puzzle with 3 images and 3 difficulty settings.  There isn't a time limit but there is a timer so you can see how quickly you put the puzzle together.

Halloween Shot Absolute Value

Halloween Shot Absolute Value Game icon

Shoot down the bats using your knowledge of absolute value.

Halloween Shot Decimals

Halloween Shot Decimals Game icon

A fun Halloween game where you'll shoot down the bats on each level by comparing decimal values on each bat.

Halloween Shot Integers

Halloween Shot Integers Game icon

Shoot down the bats while brushing up on your integer comparison skills.

Halloween Differences

Halloween Differences icon

Find and mark all 7 of the differences between the two levels before time runs out.  10 challenging levels to complete.

Scary Halloween Differences

Scary Halloween Differences icon

Find and mark all 7 of the differences between the two levels before time runs out.  complete all 10 levels.

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